Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's The Final Countdown...

If you're like me, you now have that song stuck in your head.  You're welcome!

This time last year, I was just dreaming of the things I wanted to do in my classroom.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get into our rooms until a couple days before pre-planning.  We were scrambling!  This year, we were able to get in our rooms last week!  For a teacher, that is like music to my ears!  I am THRILLED.  We have two full weeks before pre-planning starts, open house July 31st and the first day of school on August 1st!

I took these pictures after my first day of work.  It might look nice now, but I haven't unpacked ALL the boxes.  And everything is boxed so the carpets could be cleaned.  You can see a small portion of the boxes on the shelf back there.  I'm hoping to tackle most of the unpacking this week.  I was determined to get the layout down before I started throwing things all over the room.  Plus, now there is more table space to lay stuff out on.

I left all of my fabric up on the bulletin boards this summer.  I'm pretty sure I'll keep them there.  I won't be doing the Boggle though, since I'll only be teaching science.  Pinterest will have me busy finding something cute to put there.

I am most excited about having an actual corner for me!  I know a lot of teachers don't have desks or areas for themselves, but my personality requires it.  I'll be getting another couple of filing cabinets *hopefully* soon and I plan on using that extra table to put my turn-in baskets and things I'm using while teaching.  It'll also give me another quiet spot to pull students by pairs or individually for RTI, assessments, and remediation.  I just need some cute ideas to spruce up my desk.  I have some framed quotes and pictures for my desk and bookshelf I'll be putting out again, but I'd like the desk to look nicer.  If only I could mod-podge it!

A sweet friend of mine asked me to make her some curtains for her class!  I'm super excited for her...she'll be teaching Pre-K this year!!! I certainly don't envy her with those little ones, it takes a special person to work with Pre-K...but she definitely has what it takes!  Good luck this year Alicia!
Anyway, she got this super cute chevron fabric to go with her chill blues and greens and owls :) Love that she can do owls!  My 4th graders wouldn't appreciate that. I thought they turned out nicely. Y'all, BTW, she has 5 windows in her class. What?!  F.I.V.E.

This little one is not excited about me going back. Having to get her in a routine of getting up early is not fun for me either!  My goal is to get her (and me) adjusted before school'll save a lot of headache and sleep that way :)

This week starts 3 days we'll be able to be in our rooms (with no air, mind you...we're committed y'all). Already set my alarm for the morning...ahhhh!